Fat celebrities

Some waddle-dees including: Waddle Osbourne Waddle Hilton And Waddle Presley

Waddle-Dees are a group of very annoying people that Mario is forced to save in various games. They are left out of instructions either because: 1. Most are very hard to find 2. The rest are just very very unpopular/spoilt so Nobody likes them. About 0.1% of the time (Very Likely), they appear as obeise music celebrities, the result of listening to their albums to many times while eating Nachos. They work for King Dedede for some reason, commonly belived to be the fact that while washing them, they can have a snatch at some of the pizza stuck in the king's belly button. They originate from Subway Space and only Waddle-Doos can understand them.


There are 2 other Waddle-Dee variations over the centuries, Masahiro Sakurai designed them but he got some bad advise from Meta Knight and they ended up being complete idiots.

Waddle Doo

Waddle Doo is an annoying tourist whos asks Mario stupid questions like where are the toilets or can I blow you upp with this bomb? Luigi once beat him up because he was fed up of being player 7,856,429 and Waddle-Doo asked him "are you Weegee? If you kill him in a video Shame, the game will crash and your console will blow up, then be possessed by Microsoft Sam. Waddle Doo sometimes holds an umbrella because he thinks rain drops will eat him. He is one of King Dedede's elite janitors.


Gordos are very boring people, found watching documentaries on Toast and reading the textbook history of textbooks. One is a secret boss in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga and attacks by speaking like Microsoft Sam, the true creator of Waddle Dees and one 5th of the known universe. This is the hardest boss ever just next to a single Goomba, which is virtually impossible.


Cyber-Dee is a very unique Waddle Dee who has robotic superpowers and wields a giant katana, in which he uses to hack at his enemies. He is considered a powerful legend (making on the high rankings of undefeatables), and the only Waddle Dee in the universe that is immune to Weegee's stare. He's so strong, even King Dedede fears him, and especially, Dark Meta Knight. He is even known for emulating moves from the Matrix, including dodging bullets, and can hack any mechanicals. He is also the only Waddle-Dee existing who can beat Chuck Norris and slay him.

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