Real Name: Z. Wapeach
Birth: -14 A.D. (epic phail)
Age: -356 pounds
Health:  ?yhtlaeH
Family and relatives: Nobody
Impostor(s) Wawawaluigi Peach
Death: Dead

For Peach's OTHER demonically evil sibling, go here

Warupeachi is Peach's evil sister. She is the opposite version of Peach, just like how Waluigi is the opposite version of Luigi. Warupeachi became evil-Peach-like because she sold her soul to the devil in exchange for evilness. Warupeachi is best known for driving all the Toads off during the Toad Revolt after Toadsworth, her grandpa, got killed. Warupeachi was created when Pikachu fused himself, Waluigi and Peach together. This makes Warupeachi part rat, which explains the ugly fur under the dress, however, after she sold her soul, it disappeared (and a KICK ME sign was put on her back). Warupeachi replaced Waluigi as Wario's brother, Waluigi.

Mario Tag stats

Strength: 1.8

Speed: 3/5

Jump: 5/5

Special ability: 4/5

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