The Washing machine that is convenientently located that fuses/kills people (called WMTICLTFKP for short) is an upcoming feature for the game Super Mario 129. Pikachu will use it to fuse himself with Peach and Waluigi, creating Wapeach. This will kill everyone involved. It also appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga, where it is used to fuse Bowser and Cackletta into Bowletta. It makes an appearance in Super Daisy 64, where Wadaisy uses it to fuse the bodies of Wamario, Wawaluigi, and Wabowser into Wabowarigi. In Super RHF 64, Wapinkachu kills MJVE and uses the Washing Machine to fuse with his body, becoming Wabowarigikachu. Also, in order to fight the final boss, Giga Wabowarigikachu, Giga RHF must have Wario-Man on his team and the two must fuse to become Giga Wario-Man.

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