Watoadsworth, the evil counterpart of Toadsworth

Watoadsworth is an evil genius bent on the destruction of Mushroom Kingdom. He first appeared in the game Toad Fu, where he starred as himself. It is said that Watoadsworth possesses the Great Orb of Killing, a magical weapon with the power to, um, kill people. The only people who can defeat Watoadsworth are Hannah Montana and Watoad. Watoadsworth enjoys playing golf, and is very fond of Dinner. After his original appearance in Toad Fu, he went on to become a professional evil genius, and won the MK award for evil geniusness in 2008, narrowly beating the Teletubbies.

Mortal Enemies

Hannah Montana


The Teletubbies

Baby Yoshi

George Bush


Favourite Things







Justin Bieber


Other stuff

"I only got here by being better than the rest of you. But since i'm standing here now, I want all of you to know that there really was no point in you entering this competition in the first place, since nothing good ever came out of it for anyone except me, since i'm so much better than any of you. So go and sit in some dark corner and cry, losers."

Watoadsworth's compassionate speech on winning the MK award for evil geniusness

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