Wawario is kind of like Wario, but he has a "wa" in front of his name. Since having a "wa" in front of your name makes you evil (like Luigi and Waluigi, Wawario is an evil form of Wario, therefore, Wawario is a hater. However, since Wario is already evil, and Wawario is an evil form of Wario, Wawario is really an evil form of an evil person, which means that Wawario is really a good form of Wario. But, considering the "wa" in front of his name, he must be evil, making him evil evil Wario. But, you must consider this equation . . .

Evil + Evil = Evil^2

So, since Wawario is two evils, and one evil cancels another evil, then Wawario must be good. So...

Good = Evil + Evil = Evil - Evil

As you can see, this equation makes no sense, unless you take the ham and divide it by the turkey. Then, you get...

Wawario = Gender confused hater Wario filler character

As we've learned from this lesson, math is stupid and confusing. So, just ignore trying to make sense of Wawario's status, and treat him as what he is.

Whatever he is.

Other than that, he has Nega .........


for some reason.


Wawario appeared in the book Mario's Book of Fun and Mario Kart: Single Dash!. He also appeared in the shame Ultimate Nintendo vs Nintendon't vs Sega vs Capcom vs Fantasy Factory vs The Software Toolworks vs Animation Magic vs DiC Entertanment vs Pokémon hyper edition deluxe. He was the 3rd boss in the shame and you fight him as Gay Luigi at the course The Land of Green Cheese.

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