Wayoshi (Not to be mistaken with some guy who helped the MarioWiki, or Boshi, whose Japanese name is Washi) is the Wa- form of Yoshi. It was accidentally created by Prof. Oak while trying to clone Luigi in Pocket Mario Ruby by using the Wa-Machine. Wayoshi is known for spitting snowballs from his mouth at anyone and it has a rivarly with 2 to control Number Island. His weakness is Ronald McDonald for some unknown reason.

Shame Appearences

Mario versus his Replacements


The boss fight.

His first major role is appearing as a boss in Mario versus His Replacements as the mid-boss of the fifth world. He attacks by spitting out snowballs from his mouth while jumping. Here, Mario will have to climb to the other side of the room to jump on him while avoiding some spikes and a dinosaur thing that breathes out fire. Every time he gets hit he'll jump to the opposite side of the room. After getting hit 5 times he faints, so Mario can progress through the fifth world.


  • Wayoshi is one of the few guys that is a Wa-Person that does not look like an inverted version of the original character. Another example is Wawario.
Red Yoshi
  • Wayoshi is Mario's fifty-seventh worst foe.
  • Wayoshi looks almost exactly like the red Yoshi from Super Mario Warzone, but they're different guys, I tell you! Er, told you!

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