Wenalleo is a clone of both Walleo and Waweegee. he is friends with George W. Bush and Ash Ketchum. he killed Squidward, SpongeBomb, and Mahzii Weegee.


When Wenalleo was outside one day (in 1980), he went to Chicago to Sparks Steak House where two men (John Gotti and Sammy Gravano) were waiting for him outside. After Wenalleo arrived by limo, John Gotti pulled out a Desert Eagle while Sammy was trying to get his Thompson submachine gun out of his car, because it was locked. Then Sammy finally got his Tommy and fired at Wenalleo. Wenalleo was shot 118 times. 10 times in the head, 7 times in the mouth, 78 times in the chest, 5 times in the leg, and 18 times in the face. He died at age 67 (1914–1980).

Funeral Massacre

When he was put in his casket, Malleo MCMLXX wanted Wenalleo to be cremated. Sawneek VI suggested making a huge tombstone for him, in dedication. Then, the two Malleo characters started fighting, when a man, (identified as Fortran III), pulled out a Dragonouv sniper rifle from the 4th floor of the Funeral Home. He shot 6 Mario characters: Shuper Mario MCMXLM, Yushee MXCML, SpongeBob, Fantastic 4 George W. Bush Jr; Ztar III, and Brock. All 6 of them died. early 1981.

Another Funeral Massacre

In the crisp summer of 1987, the 6 victims of the Funeral Massacre in early 1981 were buried. Then, Ethan (Pokémon HGSS), was holding a Palm Pistol, and he shot George bush 16 times. Then, everyone was screaming like crazy, like their world will blow up. Then, Morshu got a dagger knife and slashed Ethan's face off. Sawneek Infinity got a 357. Magnum and shot Morshu in the back of the head. UnMario got crazy and pulled out a Tommy gun and shot 3 people: Pikachu, Pokedex, and Jack Ruby. Lyra (HGSS), got a 32. Caliber Ivan-Cadet and shot 23 people. 20 people were unidentified. The 3 identified victims were UnMario, UnMario II, and UnMalleo. UnMalleo II got a butcher knife and slashed Yushee XMCMCMMMM. Without people looking, UnMalleo II put him in a trah bag, and was shot to death while doing that. Then Sonik Infinity killed Lyra by a hanging. Sonik Infinity was shot to death too. Then at the clean-up, everyone that was at the funeral died. It was so gory, that it is an estimated guess that it would take 40 years to clean up the blood and gore.

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