So weirdo... 'ya wanna become an affliliate with the world's worst wiki? *cough* idiot *cough* Uh... no I didn't say anything. So anyway where were we? Oh yeah... so send us a letter and include the name of your site, the web address (WELL DUH) and a picture of the site button printed on there.

What's that? You prefer e-mail? Aw whatever... Remember we might not accept your site to be an affliliate. Remember: it also has to be videogame related. If you really want to email us, just send an email to Yes that's my real email address. If you spam it, well, let's just say I hope you enjoy eating through a straw.

If you are an affliliate with us, we would like it if you added this to your site in a highly visible location:



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