Wii Fat is an extremely-dangerous shame released by Nintendo in 1906. Evil Guy has made a sequel

The box that comes with all you need to get fat!

, Wii Obese.

The cover for Wii Fat

The Dangers of Wii Fat

Wii Fat was first a big hit to People around the world in fact this game sold as many games as Send That Fax. Even Princess Peach bought a few copies of this game. However that night when Peach was playing Wii Fat there was this one level called "Pigout" that changed evrything. Tis level was good but in this level that Peach did not know was this level had a device that made you a little sleepy after the first three rounds. But whatever you do when you get to this level don't eat a lot of the food. Why you ask? Because THIS HAPPEND!!!!! (sorry I did that for dramatic effect.)when Peach got to this level she was hooked, she couldn't stop making the player eat (warning dramatic effect rolling in.) AND THE THIRD ROUND WAS DONE PEACH FELT SLEEPY AND WENT TO BED MUHAHAHAHA! Now here's the bad part of this level. When the character gets fat in the game, the person gets fat just not as fast. And boy was the score big Peach's character weighed 305 pounds! So when she woke up she felt extremly lousy and heavy. And of course she weighed 305 pounds and it wasn't just Peach there were tons of big people after the game was sold. Oh and guess what not only does the SHAPE of the player gets changed oh no it also changes how much they EAT too!! Like this Peach went from a skinny little eating girl to a SHIRT RIPPING, CHAIR BREAKING, BUTTON BURSTING, BUTT CRACK SHOWING, BELT BREAKING, GLOVE TEARING, PIG WHOS 8 MEALS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA SEE WHAT HAPPENs PEOPLE!!!! DO YA!!!!!!!!! Eh sorry 'bout that I'm just saying most people end up like HUMANS when they play this game.


The game was rated EG for Evil Guy approved (The game is the reason why Evil Guy got fat).

Secrets....or not !

  • Mario use this,and that's work !

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