Wowser! It's Wowser!

Wowser was Bowser's lookalike. He is the self-appointed arch enemy of Bowser's Wife and has eyes even bigger than Weegee's. His favorite food is spaghetti with toadette and bagels sprinkled on top. He also enjoys saying wow all day long. WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!


Wowser was created with the help of the DarkSaber and had an affair with Betty. He later moved to the Mushroom Kingdom when Betty was transferred to the Awesomespace Awesomessary. The Mushroom Kingdom is so fascinating to him that he has said nothing but "WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!" ever since. His essence was cut free of his body with the DarkSaber, currently in Dark Invader's possession, and Dark Bowser was created. Wowser can still be seen in the backgrounds of many shames saying "WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!".


Wowser has only appeared in the backgrounds of shames, the most notable being Mario Kart: Wheelchair Edition, where he is seen in the background of every track, and cheers you on when you do well by yelling "WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!". If you do badly, he yells "WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!". This can be quite annoying because your wheelchairs move so slowly that you stay in one spot right next to him for a long time.

Dark Bowser

Wowser was involved in the creation of Dark Bowser. Some of his essence was drawn free and spliced with Bowser's by the Darksaber. Ever since, all he can say has been "WOWZERWOWZERWOWZER!!!".


  • Wowser is the only Mario character to have had an affair with Betty, who is currently hitting on Wally.

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