The X-Men first started out as a gang of super heroes and appeared in numorus shames in the 1300s thru 1700s. They were well known for beating up cupcakes, mutant barf baggs, old hippies, and the parents of George Bush. They were very famous. It looked as if things wouldn't go wrong!

Things Go Wrong!!!

Mainly the president thought they were useless and dumb. Even though they ACTUALLY were, the group didn't take that well. Especially since they were fired from the super hero business. So they decided to kill the president, his family, the business that fired them, and everybody that hated the X-Men.


Well you know everything else now. But, if you want a little review, their bad.

What you need to know!!

  • They have incredible powers
  • Their enemy's are the Fantastic Four
  • I hate you all! ~wikia clan
  • They went alone because their grandmother was killed by George Bush. Napoleon Bonaparte survived her from being (really) dead.
  • they killed Lumpy Space Princess, Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and a few celebrities.

The Nucular War Against The Fantastic Four!

3 days ago, the X-Men has invaded the president's secret lair to make the president deliver this epic and important message. "Ha ha, we gonna kill ya all!" Everyone yelled and ran for their lifebut couldn't! Then, just today the X-Men the world their mighty plan! To invade plants and stuff and rule the world! But then, The Fantastic Four declared a war on the X-Men to stop their evil plans! Though, no one really felt better, the four is still ready to take on the bad guys! The war begins soon! Everyone be prepared!    

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