For those without comedic tastes, the so-called "experts" at MarioWiki have a real article on Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi's Island was a minor island in the UnWorld Sea. The island used to have a large population of Yoshis, Shy Guys, and tons of other freaks we don't want to bother listing. Eventually, Morshu Bomb that Morshu invented accidently destroyed the entire island, killing most of the Yoshis and anything else on the island.


One day the most notable Yoshi ever was born. Being a baby at the time, he survived by eating all of the inhabitants on most the island. Eventually after everything else was dead, he claimed it as his own island which he unorriginally named "Yoshi's Island" and called himself "Yoshi" because he wasn't a very smart Yoshi (Which is how the Yoshi's Island Scandal even started). Then he took a nap that was longer than 10 years. During that time Lamek discovered the island and decided it would best to start a new Koopa Kingdom here. He brought many enslaved Koopa Troopas who nearly built a castle in 9.9 years and got a random orphan to prince for the castle. Yeah, it's Bowser. Suddenly, Lamek got a vision of these two babies who'd be a terrible menace to the Koopa Kingdom for an awfully long time all because of himself. He decided not to attack The Stork delivering them, although he accidently flew into it the next day. He managed to kidnap the baby with a green hat and the stork, but the red hatted baby bit Lamek, making him drop onto the back of a Yoshi.

Mario Hoops 5 on 5

It's a basketball court in 5 on 5 where a clearing in the jungle acts as the court, and the nets are tree vines that have wrapped themselves around the tree and act as a net,the annoying sign dudes occasionally jump on the field jump up and block the net. 

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