Yoshi Kart 64 is a shameful shame that was created by Yoshi, it was crappy beyond all reasons and nobody liked it. Despite the "64" in the name it was released to the Pii cos the N64 was a PHAILURE.


Yoshi was eating (he's always eating) when he had the worst idea ever: create a game called Yoshi Kart 64 and become an Emo. In this shame, Yoshi is at Number Island and 1 challenges him for a race, Yoshi calls some losers to help him.



The courses were totally lame and nobody liked them. There were only 5 courses and one GP what made Kart fans to eat Yoshi.

  • Soup Can
  • Yoshi Road
  • Rainyoshi Road
  • Nooby Treeway

Teh N00bz Attack!

The Noobs somewhat liked the shame but Nintendon't, so the noobs attacked Nintendon't and ate everyone lol.


  • The shame was criticized cos it was too nooby and ppl started to become noobs.
  • The most noobs highly criticized the shame by containing Emo stuff lol.

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