This Guy Is Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoshi made this shame, Bowser rated it MP for Most pathetic.

Yoshi made it cause he needs more publicity, his nephew calls him Nim-nom,



LEVEL 1-you must escape mushroom kingdom and make it to Cheese Land.

So you Rub the touch screen and a Child comes and throws you, you land in cheese-land.

LEVEL 2-now, you're in cheese land, rub the touch screen, and a chompchomp eats everything in cheese land, then toadsworth comes and does the Pee Pee Dance.

LEVEL 3(First Boss!)-now, daisy comes and sniffs you, so you rub the touch screen and goombob falls out of the sky.

you have to fight him, Obama Good Luck!

LEVEL 4-now, you defeated Goombob, so you enter pizza-cove, where you rub the touch screen and a power star comes and ASPLODES!

So, you kinda win the level.

LEVEL 5(FINAL BOSS LEVEL / FINAL LEVEL!)-you get attacked by Spammers. You rub the touch screen and the spammers are attacked by This Guy, *-* & 1-down mushroom. They die, and you lose you're ability to rub, so you WIN???????????????????????

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