Your Mom Jokes

Your Mom jokes are when someone tells a joke by insulting another persons mother. Some people call them Yo Momma Jokes or Ya Ma jokes. The joke usually calls the other person's mom fat or stupid. Some people get offended by Your Mom jokes but most people find them funny.

Known Your Mom Jokes

This is a list of all known Your Mom Jokes. If you know any that aren't on here add them!

Your Mom's so fat when she goes to the cinema she sits next to everyone!

Your Mom's so fat when she jumps in the bath the water jumps out.

Your Mom's so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck.

Your Mom's so ugly she saw her own reflection and fainted.

Your Mom's so old she owes money to Jesus.

Your Mom's so fat she jumped and fell through to China!

Your Mom's so old her birth certificate expired.

Your Mom's so fat that her belly button is the grand canyon.

Your Mom's so stupid she asked three different people the time and got confused when they all gave her different answers.

Your Mom's so stupid she sits on the TV and watches the sofa.

Your Mom's so fat if she fell down the stairs it would sound like Eastenders starting.

Your Mom's so fat when God said let there be light she had to get out the way.

Relevance to the Mario series

Mario's enemies have often used Your Mom jokes to lure Mario into traps. In Paper Mario Peach had to beat a Hammer Bro at Your Mom jokes in Bowser's Castle. Luigi's favourie Your Mom joke is You Mom's so fat she made Lotsa Spaghetti and ate it. He used it in Luigi's Bathroom to offend ghosts.

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