LOL He has the intelligence what is needed to save u! lol

Zorro (originally called Señor Zorro) is a fake-shameful identity created by Fox in the 1600s for running away of his routine of space warrior (what have been destroyed some years later by Falcon in the Random Space War III). He appeared in a tentative of Baby Dubya to do a book (Baby Dubya Memmories - Written by Baby Dubya), crappy films (A Production of Intelligent Ants Entertainment), Bob The Builder's television series.

Zorro (Spanish for fox) is the secret identity of Fox, a really dumb fox and crappy swordsman living in the Space colonial era. The character has change his image through the years, but the typical image of him is a masked dumb fox outlaw who defends the people who loves ham and hates cheese against tyrannical Lord Barack's officials and other villains.

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